Our Most Frequently Asked Renovation & Remodeling Questions

The Information You’ll Need to Confidently Hire A Layton, Utah Basement Remodeling and Finishing Contractor!

We think it’s critical for anyone looking to improve their home to ask the prospective contractor some powerful questions. Any remodeler should be able to answer these questions and more. Contact us today for more information about how we work and a Free Estimate.

Yes. We have developed a relationship with Utah First Credit Union to offer you financing options. Click here to see details.

Yes! Most contractors don’t know this, but it is a misdemeanor in the State of Utah to not pull a permit for work to be completed. Plus, it’s great protection for both the homeowner and contractor. It should say something to you about a contractor who doesn’t want a permit. Also, we handle all the drawings, applications, fees (up to $350) and appointments required for all permits.

Typically, we can finish your basement 4 weeks after the 4-way inspection is completed.

We’ve made the entire selection process as easy an experience as possible by offering our exclusive client Online Access and Mobile App for Apple and Android Devices!! Click Here to learn more about how these features will help you make selections on everything from flooring and light fixtures, to paint colors and door knobs! You’ll also be able to use these features to have easy access to all the information about your basement job, including pictures, scheduling and more! Learn more

Not at all. We put a lock on your basement door that locks from the homeowners side. We ask that one basement window be left unlocked. Basement workers will enter and leave through this window. All materials and lumber will be brought in through the window, even the sheetrock! You won’t have to worry about letting them in, or any construction debris through your whole house! Workers will always leave your basement closed up and secure at the end of the day.