Home Additions Contractors in Utah_

Home Additions Contractors in Utah

Is your home too small for you? Have you been thinking about adding on home additions? Do you want a more modern home? Before you think about moving, consult with our home improvement contractors to find out how you can expand and transform your home. At Utah Basement Company, we can assess and evaluate whether or not your house is a candidate for home additions that change your quality of life and stay within a reasonable budget. We specialize in planning, designing and creating the space you have always dreamed of without compromising the structural integrity of your house.

There are many ways you can add more space to the existing footprint of your property. This can be done by expanding upwards or outwards. This means that you can add another floor or simply extend your house further, as long as it is within your property line. By doing either of these things, your home will immediately feel bigger and better. So if you need more room, but do not want to relocate to a different house, this can be the perfect solution for you.

Due to the additional square footage, home additions are also an excellent way to boost your property’s market value. As you expand your home, you will reap both functional and financial benefits in the long run. By hiring our professional home improvement contractors, we will ensure that you maximize your investment by providing you with a well-planned design and selecting only the best materials to meet your specific needs.

While home renovations tend to be daunting for all homeowners, just think about all the space you will get. Large families will especially benefit from home additions because the house can grow with you. With more living space, you will feel like you’ve moved into a new home.

Types of Home Additions

House additions come in all shapes and sizes. To make it simpler, we will classify them into two categories: first-floor and second-floor additions. First-floor additions tend to be the most popular because we do not have to build a new space above the existing structural framing. All we have to do is open up the floor plan to make it bigger, which is why it is a less disruptive and less costly renovation project. However, the advantage of second-floor additions is that it gives you more options to expand without having to occupy your yard space. With our expertise and guidance, we can help you decide the most suitable room addition for your home.

We can do different types of room additions, ranging from kitchen expansions to sunroom additions. Other common types of additions include building new bedrooms, family rooms, home offices, laundry rooms, libraries, and even breakfast nooks. You can check our gallery to see different types of home addition projects we have worked on to help you decide.

At Utah Basement Company, we provide customized designs that suit your home and needs. Our clients trust us to accommodate their requests and make their dreams become reality. With our home improvement contractors, you can rest assured that we will successfully and efficiently complete your home additions with the upmost professionalism and workmanship.