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Homebuyers near Orem, Utah, agree that home-improvement projects like remodeled kitchens make it easy to sell a home. Anyone in or near Orem, UT looking for an expert company for a bathroom remodeling project no one is better equipped than UtahBKB.Com. From Syracuse to South Jordan, those who are looking for the best contact to The Utah Basement Company. For over 2 decades the name UtahBKB.Com has become one and the same with expert Home Additions Contractors in Orem, UT. That did not happen by accident. Todd Cella, our funder has made customer service and quality of work a priority. That is why he has made so many local TV station appearance and well-known home-improvement programs. What does all of this means for Orem resident? All, it means is that regardless if you are wanting to do a remodeled kitchens or a finished basements contractor you can be sure that the job is going to be done right the first time when you call UtahBKB.Com.

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As you read this you may ask yourself why UtahBKB.Com? Simply stated, we are the best company for the job! However, we are sure that there are quite a few that may say that if The Utah Basement Company is that good the must be expensive. The truth is that nine out of ten times homeowners find our pricing in-line with our competitors. You have to understand, a sheet of plywood may vary in cost a few pennies and even a few dollars between your local hardware store and Lowe’s but not thousands. When it comes to home-improvement projects like remodeled bathrooms the only way a quote will be off by $500 to $600 dollars will be if the contractor underestimated the cost of labor. That my friend should be should be of concern since this is the number one telltale sign of a scam. When it is all said and done you have to be aware that licensed and insured home addition companies like The Utah Basement Company will give you a free, no obligation written estimate. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to UtahBKB.Com to get the process started. However, if you would like to get more details about not only home addition but also projects like finished basements, please check out on our blog.

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Make Your Vanity Taller With Bathroom Remodeling

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A bathroom is a place of peace, privacy, and comfort. It is one of the most important rooms in a home and must be shown care, love, and respect. It is not surprising that many remodels include bathroom work. Lately there has been a significant rise in the popularity of having taller bathroom vanities. The standard nowadays is to have a bathroom remodeling contractor make the vanity thirty inches high. This is actually six inches shorter than the kitchen. For people who are prone to body aches, an extra six inches of height can make the counter of a vanity comfortable. This is because a vanity that is taller than the average bathroom counter actually eases the strain on the back so that there is no need to bend and stoop to wash your hands. This is beneficial to everyone, but mostly aids senior citizens and people prone to back aches. A few inches can be the difference between future pain, strain, and injury compared to a comfortable setting that eases all possibility of discomfort.

Although there are benefits to taller bathroom vanities, there is always a negative side. One of the largest problems will be faced by families with small children. Having a taller vanity will make it difficult for a child to use. This can be remedied, however. If a child will be using the vanity as well, space for a stool can be incorporated into the design. It can even be made to aesthetically suit the room. There is also the possibility to build a stool that slides from beneath the bathroom vanity. This can be a fun and lovely way to upgrade your bathroom and still meet everyone’s needs.

Along with the easing strain on your back, adding six inches to a vanity’s height will also create more room for storage. If you have several bathroom cleaners or need more space to store your toiletries, this is a great way to make this space. No longer will you have items that belong in the bathroom stored in inconvenient locations far away from the bathroom. You will have a designated place in the bathroom to store what you need and a little more.

If you love your home and wish to give yourself something extra in the bathroom, consider a taller vanity when you choose to remodel. Although it will be taller than what a child can easily use, it can be easily compensated by using a stool. A taller vanity will benefit the health of adults in your home. It will also help you keep your home nice and organized by allowing extra storage space. A bathroom remodel is not purely for aesthetic purposes. You should consider health and practicality as well.

If you are interested in bathroom remodeling, contact us today. Our remodeling contractors can add height to your vanities along with many other practical, luxurious remodeling options. Let us help you design the bathroom of your dreams.

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