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Homebuyers throughout Cedar Hills, Utah, will agree that home-improvement projects like custom home additions will improve the resale value of any house. Anyone in or near Cedar Hills, Utah looking for an expert contractor for a basement remodeling project no one is more so after than UtahBKB.Com. From Harrisville to Sandy, those who are seeking the best contact to UtahBKB.Com. For more than 20 years the name UtahBKB.Com has become one and the same with quality Basement Remodeling Contractors in Cedar Hills, UT. That did not happen by accident. Our founder, Todd Cella has made customer service and quality of work a priority. This is why he has made so many appearances on local cable networks and national home-improvement programs. What does all of this means for Cedar Hills resident? In simple terms, all it means is that no matter if you are looking to do a remodeled bathrooms or a whole house audio company you can be sure that the work is going to be done right the first time when you call UtahBKB.Com.

Why hire UtahBKB.Com for home additions in Cedar Hills, UT

As you start to read this you may ask yourself why The Utah Basement Company? The answer is simple we are the best! However, we are sure that there are quite a few that may say that if UtahBKB.Com is that well-regarded the must be really expensive. The reality is that nine out of ten times families find our quotes to be competitive when compared to other less qualified contractors. You see, a CBS block may vary in price a few pennies and even a few dollars between your local hardware store and Lowe’s but not hundreds. When it comes to home-improvement projects like remodeled bathrooms the only way a quote will be off by let’s say $1000 dollars would be if the contractor underestimated the cost of labor. That my friend should be should be of concern since this is the top telltale sign of a scam. When it is all said and done you have to know that licensed and insured home remodeling companies like The Utah Basement Company will issue a free, no obligation written quote. So, what do you have to lose? Contact UtahBKB.Com to get the process going. Nevertheless, if you would like to garnish more info about not only home renovation but also projects like custom home theaters, please take a look on our blog.

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Keeping a Basement Finishing Project on Budget

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With all the designing and planning that goes into a basement finishing project, the last thing you want to have to worry about is going over budget. Setting a budget is a very important place to start, obviously, but sticking to it is where things can get complicated for homeowners who aren’t prepared. To ensure that all predictable expenses are upfront and remain on track throughout your project, read on for some budgeting tips from our experts on basement finishing

Budgeting Tips

For starters, you want to make sure you hire a trusted and experienced contractor in the area who understands and respects your budget and will work within those confinements with integrity. There are a lot of fly by night companies that are just after your money. If you want to check your chosen contractor’s integrity, you can browse the internet or their company website for reviews or samples of their work. You can also ask your friends or family for recommendations. This will also give you an idea how much it costs to have some remodeling in your home.

At Utah Basement, Kitchen and Bath, we can help you set a list of priorities related to the design of your basement remodeling project. What are the most important aspects of the design? If you just have to have a projector TV, but could live without the wet bar or the bamboo floors, you need to tell the basement designer you’re working with so that they can help you match priorities to the available budget. If cost cutting is necessary, they will know where to help you find cuts that will keep costs down without compromising your vision.

Before any remodeling work begins, make sure that everything is planned and written out. Leaving things to the last minute can make the process more stressful and lead to mistakes and delays, which will only hike up the costs. If the cost of supplies and furniture starts to put a crimp in your budget, consider checking out local shops for quality repurposed furniture and lighting. You can also go to hardware stores to find deals on paint and supplies that were specially ordered but never picked up. Returns and fixtures that are sold “as-is” can also be purchased at cheaper rates. Aside from that, you also want to ensure that you have a contingency plan, just in case. It’s hard to predict everything and sometimes unexpected things occur, which can make a basement finishing project even more costly. For example, decaying wood or sheetrock may be uncovered that needs to be addressed.

When you’re looking for affordable and professional basement finishing services that will stay on budget while still bringing your vision to life, always choose Utah Basement, Kitchen and Bath. Call us today at 1-801-510-0303 to schedule your free estimate! We are available to answer all your questions so feel free to get in touch with us. For a free design consultation and estimate on basement finishing, contact our remodeling experts at Utah Basement Company.

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