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Over the last few years the The Utah Basement Company has become known as a bathroom remodeling contractors. But, they are still the top basement renovation contractor in Vineyard. To a lot of people who migrate to the US a basement remodel may appear as a novelty.  However, a properly designed basement renovation more often than not will enhance the resale value of your home. What was one perceived as wasted space is now one of the most saw after features modern families are looking for. That is because a renovated basement  can add a lot of extra living space, so it is logical  that so many people choose to renovated the basement. Whether you want to add a man cave, a theater or a gym the space under your home gives you options for a lot less than adding an above ground addition.

Hiring Basement Finishing Contractors in Vineyard UT

One of the questions we usually get at UtahBKB.Com is “can a renovated basement affect the resale value of my house?” In many cases the question is pursuit by something likeSaid and “how much value will a renovated basement add to resale value my house?” Truth be told how much will a basement remodel adds to the appraised value of a home it’s all about the craftsmanship of the work, just like in bathroom renovations or kitchens remodels. Something else to consider is the company who does the finishing. At UtahBKB.Com we are proud that so many realtors consider us the best basement remodel contractor in Vineyard. this is because they are aware that the work was done right. When you deal The Utah Basement Company you are not dealing with apprentice. For over then 20 years we have represented in the remodeling and construction industry throughout the state of Utah. Please, stop by our blog posts for more information on many aspects of remodeling a basements, kitchens and bathrooms.

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Tips to Finishing Your Utah Basement

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Basement Finishing Tips to Make your Life Easier

Remodeling a basement on your own is a very tricky process. There are always unforeseen challenges that will arise since if you have not done your research, unnecessary expenses, design issues and unexpected changes are almost a guarantee. You need to make sure that you have the right partner standing by you when they do. Here are a few tips you MUST do to assure that the remodeling project you are handling will be done according to plan.

  1. There must be a written punch list before the project is complete – the punch list is a final list of things that make your job a complete one. Think of it as a “I’m satisfied” list. You should never issue final payment for work that isn’t complete. This is a general rule of thumb especially if it is your first time transacting with a contractor. Make sure that all fixtures are properly installed, there are no damages and if there are any, issues like these should be resolved before making the last payment.
  2. Allowing a contractor who doesn’t communicate well to build your basement project is a big no-no – how difficult was this guy to get a hold of initially? When you do, does he remember what you talked about with him last time you spoke? Does he or his staff get in touch with you to verify things about your project? Does he change prices often and charge unexpectedly? Does he use subpar materials that you think will not last for years? If you have answered YES to a majority of these examples, watch out! You’ve got a bumpy road ahead. When hiring someone to work on your home always check for reviews, prices and samples of their work before paying them.
  3. Starting a project without complete plans, a schedule or selections – plans, a schedule, and the right material selections are all needed before work begins. If you don’t have these things worked out, in writing, in advance, you are just hoping your contractor partner has a good memory. If you have a lot of stuff you want to get done on your home, don’t rely on what your contractor says. Write everything down so you will always have a reference. When you go to a restaurant, the server writes down your order, right? Your contractor should at least do the same!
  4. Not being properly informed about the project – as the customer/client, it is your responsibility to check if the work that is being done to your basement is what you really want. Being someone who is hands-on during the entire remodeling process will help you understand a few construction steps and will be really helpful the next time you’ll be having work done at your home again. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Remember, “A well informed customer is a happy customer”. This should be your mantra when someone is repairing or remodeling your basement.

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