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As of late the The Utah Basement Company has become known as a bathroom remodeling contractors. However, they are still the most saw after basement finishing contractor in Springville. While a lot of people don’t care a basement finishing may appear as a novelty.  However, a properly designed basement renovation more often than not will add value to the price of your home. It seems unreal that basements basement renovation is now one of the most saw after features pursuit by homebuyers. This is because a remodel basement  can add a lot of extra living space, so it is understandable  that so many owners choose to remodel the basement. When you want to add an in-laws quarter, a theater or a workout room the basement gives you options for a lot less than adding an above ground addition.

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The most popular question we often get at The Utah Basement Company is “can a finished basement improve the appraised value of my house?” In many occasions the question is followed by “how much value will a remodel basement add to resale value my house?” Truth be told how much if any will a basement finishing adds to the resale value of a house is directly or related the quality of the work, just like in bathroom renovations or kitchens renovations. Just as important is the company who does the renovation. At The Utah Basement Company we’re proud that so many homeowners consider us the top basement renovation contractor in Springville. That is because they know that the job was done right. When you deal UtahBKB.Com you’re not dealing with beginners. For more then two decades we have been a leader in the remodeling and construction trade throughout Utah. Please, stop by our blog for more information on many aspects of dealing with a basements, kitchens and bathrooms.

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Great Bathroom Remodeling Tips

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On paper, remodeling a bathroom space seems like a walk in the park. However, you’ll later realize that investing in professionals is inevitable for good reason. Think about all the work a bathroom remodeling contractor has to do from coming up with creative ideas on how to use modern products to designing an aesthetically pleasing and functional space. You can also simply do better things with the free time on your hands while the professionals do what they do best.

Your home will be there from the moment you buy it until you get old. Just because you are young, fit, and healthy doesn’t mean your bathroom should be inaccessible to any extent. With the holidays just around the corner, your older guests should enjoy features such as walk-in tubs that enable you to enjoy baths without fretting over getting in and out. Also, be sure to integrate minor, yet essential safety features such as LED lighting, grab bars around the shower and toilet and non-slip floors.

As mentioned previously, your home will be there for as long as you live. This means getting the most out of it would be in your best interest. Some fixtures such as towel warming drawers or steam showers may seem expensive, but we all want the best for our families at the end of the day, right? You might want to create a fresh, spa-like environment for optimal relaxation.

Custom features such as hand-crafted porcelain come at hefty prices. If you own a large bathroom, investing in fixtures that will gobble up most of your budget can just end up being a huge mistake. If you plan on saving money, there are always alternatives that you can work with to avoid wasting precious cash on lavish items. The bathroom remodeling contractor you’ve hired should offer ideal alternatives that match your comprehensive idea, concept, and envisioned design to achieve the same look. If you still want to incorporate some of the expensive items, you can still use the custom-made material for accents in your bathroom.

Unlike the past when Jacuzzis served as the ideal bath-enthusiast fixture, quiet soaking tubs have been creating the entire buzz lately. If you want to enjoy these luxurious tubs, however, you need to own a large bathroom to make it work. Soaking tubs take up significant floor space, even though they are quite smaller than Jacuzzis. You should definitely reflect upon the intended use of every fixture before investing. For instance, why waste the space and resources for a tub you will not use when you can easily opt for luxurious, large shower space complete with sufficient storage and seats? On the other hand, the luxurious soaking tubs can come in great handy for those looking to resell. While most people do not use tubs, they do not like to see a bathroom without a tub when looking to purchase a home.

If you are interested in bathroom remodeling, contact one of our expert remodeling contractors for more information.

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