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Over the last few years the The Utah Basement Company has become known as a bathroom remodeling contractors. But, they are still the most saw after basement renovation contractor in Pleasant View. To many in places like Florida where you rarely find basements a basement finishing may sound as an unnecessary expense.  However, a properly designed basement renovation in the majority of cases will increase the value of your home. What was one perceived as wasted space is now one of the most saw after features pursuit by homebuyers. This is because a finished basement  can add a lot of extra living space, so it is understandable  that so many owners choose to remodel the basement. If you want to add an in-laws quarter, a theater or a home-office the space under your home gives you options at a fraction of the cost of a home addition.

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Without a doubt, one of the questions we usually get is “will a remodel basement adds value to my home?” In many occasions this question is followed by “how much value will a remodel basement add to value my property?” With all honesty how much if any will a basement renovation adds to the retail value of a property has a lot to do with the quality of the work, just like in bathroom remodels or kitchens renovations. Another deciding factor is the contractor that does the remodel. At The Utah Basement Company we’re proud that so many homeowners consider us the top basement remodel contractor in Pleasant View. this is because they are aware that the work was perform to the highest of standards. When you deal The Utah Basement Company you are not dealing with rookies. For more then two decades we have been a leader in the construction and remodeling trade throughout the state of Utah. Please, take a look our blog articles for more information on many aspects of renovating a basements, kitchens and bathrooms.

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Moving Vs Remodeling—How to decide?

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Is your house too old or too small for your growing family? Perhaps you don’t like the comprehensive layout of the house and feel that change is inevitable. You are not alone. Most homeowners at some point have to make the hard decision between moving to a new home or hiring a remodeling contractor to reconstruct their home so that it meets their family’s needs. There are several factors to put up for consideration before settling for either of the two options. Here are some of the most essential things to think about while making this difficult decision.

If you find the following statements to be true, you should remodel your current home. The cost of living is more favorable to your wallet in comparison to the options you have. You own a large property that can easily accommodate the additional living space you require. You enjoy living in your neighborhood. You and your beloved family are closely intertwined to the community – family, schools, work, worship, etc. The overall cost of selling your old home and purchasing the new – including all fees involved – exceed the total cost of remodeling. The remodeling project delivers on functionality, but more importantly, in cost-efficient manner. You think that moving and the hassles involved would somehow destabilize your family. There are chances your new home might also need some upgrading or customization work. The property market is on a decline, meaning your home might not find a good price or even a buyer at all.

There are also many reasons you should simply move homes instead of remodeling. For example, your current location no longer serves your purpose or has the services you require. The homeowner association or community at large has restrictions in place that may hinder your expansion and overall remodeling project. Your home is too large and you do not foresee any use of the extra space anytime in future. The neighborhood is deteriorating rapidly with no signs of improvement. You no longer enjoy living in your current location and neighborhood. You have been transferred to a different region or need to be closer to family. You no longer can’t afford to live in the property, area or city – need to downsize on your current budget.

Most homeowners thinking about a move tend to focus more on the cost of the new home and overlook hidden fees in the process. These include legal fees, moving costs, and brokerage fees– just to mention a few.

There are also the unexpected factors to think about when moving; for instance, will your new neighbors be the warm lot you had become accustomed to? How well will your kids cope with the loss of their old friends and teachers?

If you are having trouble deciding between moving or remodeling, these questions should help you land on a decision. Every family is different, however. If you are interested in hiring a remodeling contractor to remodel your current home, contact us for more information.

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