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Over the last few years the UtahBKB.Com has become known as a bathroom remodeling contractors. But, they still the number one basement finishing company in Fairfield. To many in places like Florida where you rarely find basements a basement renovation may sound as something over the top.  However, a well panned basement finishing more often than not will enhance the resale value of your home. What was one perceived as wasted space is now one of the most saw after features modern families are looking for. That is because a renovated basement  can add a lot of extra living space, so it is logical  that so many growing families choose to remodel the basement. If you want to add a kids playroom, a media room or a workout room the basement offers you options for a lot less than adding an above ground addition.

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One of the questions we often get is “can a finished basement adds value to my home?” As life would have it the question is pursuit by “how much value will a renovated basement add to my property?” Truth be told how much if any will a basement remodel adds to the appraised value of a home it’s all about the quality of the work, as often is in bathroom renovations or kitchens remodels. Just as important is the contractor who does the remodel. At The Utah Basement Company we are honored that so many people consider us the top basement remodel contractor in Fairfield. That is because they know that the work was done right. When you hire UtahBKB.Com you are not contracting with apprentice. For over then twenty years we have been a leader in the construction and remodeling industry throughout Utah. Please, visit our blog articles for more information on everything renovating a basements, kitchens and bathrooms.

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Unique Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Utah Home Addition Plans

Whether you are seeking to invest in a minor bathroom update or a comprehensive bathroom remodeling project, the professional remodeling contractors can bring your imagined plan to life. While most experts in the niche concur that the faucets, tiles, and cabinets serve as the essential fixtures to include in your remodeling project, the factors below are equally worth considering.

Complementing your metals delivers a neat, polished look and this is an art the remodeling contractors at Imrpoverite have perfected. When remodeling your bathroom space, you might want to start by upgrading the faucet to a sleeker, modern design such as brushed or antique nickel, oil rubbed bronze, stainless steel. Once you have decided the metal scheme for your bathroom remodel, you can consider updating fixtures like towel bars, showerheads, and other items in the metal of your choice.

Chances are, your bathroom is illuminated by the factory-grade fluorescent lighting found in most homes. This type of lighting not only discolors every fixture with a somber blue tinge but also leaves you feeling drained even after a nice hot bath. Fortunately, you now have the option of going for day-light bright, color corrected, LED, or halogen lighting fixtures for a more vibrant vibe. Many women know that makeup and personal grooming is best done in natural lighting; the lighting fixtures mentioned are as close as artificial lighting gets to natural sunlight. Try to avoid lighting that creates shadows and dark spots. To solve this issue, you may consider layering lighting through various decorative features.

Unique Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

Most people have a habit of over accessorizing their bathroom space during remodeling projects. Doing so draws attention away from the sleek faucets and elegant tiles—these should be the focus of your bathroom post remodel. Do not consider adding in fake plants and knick-knacks. If you want flowers in your bathroom, a live orchid is easy to maintain and effective at brightening the room while still maintaining the sleek, modern look. It is always of utmost importance to select your accessories carefully with the most focus on functionality and not aesthetics. Also try to include complementing bathmats and clean towels, quality towel bars, toothbrush holders, and soap dishes. It can be quite overwhelming dealing with an over-accessorized bathroom space, especially when the bathroom is small. Be sure to match all your accessories to the main fixtures such as faucets and the toilet.

The bathroom is prone to unfathomable amounts of dirt and germs. With this in mind, you obviously want to invest in easy-to-clean surfaces such as tile, which maintain their shine regardless of constant disinfecting. There are great bathroom fixtures currently on the market today that make cleaning a breeze. These include stain resistant quartz countertops and spot resistant faucets, amongst many others.

If you have kids or old family members living with you, investing in safety accessories such as grab bars and slip resistant floor would certainly be in their best interest. Also strive to include a shower bench and support bars around your toilet if possible.

If you are looking for a bathroom remodeling contractor to complete your bathroom remodeling project, contact our remodeling contractors for excellent customer service and remodels of unparalleled quality.

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