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Individuals in West Point,Utah know that for over then 20 years The Utah Basement Company has represented in the construction and remodeling trade not only in West Point but throughout Utah. At one time considered the top basement renovation contractor in West Point, is now a full-service home improvement company also offering bathroom renovations and kitchens remodels as well as smart home design and integration. A lot of people don’t believe in basement finishing. However, the reality is that a quality basement remodel project can deliver you that home theater or home gym you always wanted at the fraction of an home addition. And when it comes to choosing a basement renovation company we hope that you chose us or at the very least give UtahBKB.Com the chance to provide you with a free no obligation consultation. As you can see from our testimonials many homeowners in West Point,UT have selected The Utah Basement Company as their basement renovation contractor. That is because we provide quality work.  While it is important noting that not every dollar spend on a basement renovation will be recovered when you sell the property. Basements finishing, are the type of home improvements that can enhance a home’s value.

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There’re a number of portals out there frequently ask people to do their due diligence prior contracting a kitchens remodels company. At UtahBKB.Com we second that! You can bet on just about any construction and remodeling to be a sizable investment. One thing you don’t want is for your kitchens renovations project to turn into a headache. UtahBKB.Com would like to help you chose the right kitchens renovations contractor in three simple steps.

  1. Establish Legitimacy

Take into consideration hiring an established company. According to the Small Business Administration less than honest basement finishing contractors go out of business withon one year. Get a written estimate any professional company shouldn’t have a problem providing a detailed estimate.

  1. Verified Reputation

99% of all  legitimate kitchens renovations contractors are going to have a web presence and a Twitter profile. Make an effort to contact former clients.

  1. Look for Consistent Quotes

One consistent trademark of a illegitimate kitchens remodels companies is inconsistent the cost of labor and material may vary but rarely more than 10%. If a remodeling and construction contractor can out bid the competition by twenty to thirty percent this should be a huge red flag. To learn more about how to hire a bathroom renovations contractor check out our blog.

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Make Your Vanity Taller With Bathroom Remodeling

Home Additions to existing home

A bathroom is a place of peace, privacy, and comfort. It is one of the most important rooms in a home and must be shown care, love, and respect. It is not surprising that many remodels include bathroom work. Lately there has been a significant rise in the popularity of having taller bathroom vanities. The standard nowadays is to have a bathroom remodeling contractor make the vanity thirty inches high. This is actually six inches shorter than the kitchen. For people who are prone to body aches, an extra six inches of height can make the counter of a vanity comfortable. This is because a vanity that is taller than the average bathroom counter actually eases the strain on the back so that there is no need to bend and stoop to wash your hands. This is beneficial to everyone, but mostly aids senior citizens and people prone to back aches. A few inches can be the difference between future pain, strain, and injury compared to a comfortable setting that eases all possibility of discomfort.

Although there are benefits to taller bathroom vanities, there is always a negative side. One of the largest problems will be faced by families with small children. Having a taller vanity will make it difficult for a child to use. This can be remedied, however. If a child will be using the vanity as well, space for a stool can be incorporated into the design. It can even be made to aesthetically suit the room. There is also the possibility to build a stool that slides from beneath the bathroom vanity. This can be a fun and lovely way to upgrade your bathroom and still meet everyone’s needs.

Along with the easing strain on your back, adding six inches to a vanity’s height will also create more room for storage. If you have several bathroom cleaners or need more space to store your toiletries, this is a great way to make this space. No longer will you have items that belong in the bathroom stored in inconvenient locations far away from the bathroom. You will have a designated place in the bathroom to store what you need and a little more.

If you love your home and wish to give yourself something extra in the bathroom, consider a taller vanity when you choose to remodel. Although it will be taller than what a child can easily use, it can be easily compensated by using a stool. A taller vanity will benefit the health of adults in your home. It will also help you keep your home nice and organized by allowing extra storage space. A bathroom remodel is not purely for aesthetic purposes. You should consider health and practicality as well.

If you are interested in bathroom remodeling, contact us today. Our remodeling contractors can add height to your vanities along with many other practical, luxurious remodeling options. Let us help you design the bathroom of your dreams.

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