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Realtors in Roy,Utah know that for over then twenty years UtahBKB.Com has represented in the construction and remodeling industry not only in Roy but throughout Utah. At one time considered the top basement finishing company in Roy, is now a full-service top-rated renovation company also offering bathroom renovations and kitchens remodels as well as smart home design and integration. Many realtors don’t believe in basement renovation. But the fact is that a well implemented basement remodel project can give you that sports bar or home gym you always wanted at the fraction of an above ground addition. And when it comes to selecting a basement finishing contractor we hope that you select us or at the very least give The Utah Basement Company the opportunity to provide you with a free no obligation consultation. As you can see from our reviews many individuals in Roy,UT have chose The Utah Basement Company as their basement finishing company. This is because we deliver on what we promise.  It is important, however, to recognize that you may not get every dollar back when you sell. Basements remodel, are the type of home improvements that enhance a home’s value.

Professional Basement Finishing Contractors in Roy, Utah

Many sites out there like Angie’s List constantly ask people to do their homework prior contracting a construction and remodeling contractor. At The Utah Basement Company we second that! Just about any type of basement renovation to have a substantial cost. One thing no one needs is for your remodeling and construction project to turn into a headache. The Utah Basement Company would like to help you chose the right basement finishing contractor in three steps.

  1. Establish Legitimacy

Consider hiring an established basement finishing contractor. According to the Small Business Administration shady contractors go out of business withon one year. Get a written quote any legitimate contractor shouldn’t have a problem providing a proforma estimate.

  1. Verified Reputation

Many  competent bathroom remodels contractors are going to have a web presence and a Facebook profile. Make an effort to contact former customers.

  1. Look for Consistent Quotes

The #1 tale, tale signs of a illegitimate basement finishing companies is low ball estimates the cost of building materials may fluctuate but never more than 10%. If a home improvement contractor can out bid the competition by 15-20% this should be a big red flag! To learn more about how to hire a bathroom renovations company visit our blog.

Roy Basement Finishing Contractors Blog:

4 Basement Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Be as Creative as Possible

Home Remodeling Contractors in Draper Utah

Your home is your castle, and you are its king or queen. If you want to be content with every corner of your domain, then don’t be afraid of getting creative with your home remodeling projects. A basement bathroom remodel project can turn your outdated secondary bathroom into a cozy corner where you can read Sunday’s paper in peace.

In today’s society, looks are as important as utility, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Depending on your available space, you can really expand on this idea. If the conditions are right and you have adequate plumbing, a permit from your local building authority, and a pocketful of ideas, then it’s time to crack down on how to execute an amazing basement bathroom remodel project.

Don’t Want to Dedicate a Lot of Space? Go With the Minimalistic Look

One of the best-looking styles for a small basement bathroom is a minimalist look. Whether you’re going for a half bathroom or a full bathroom, with a standing shower or bathtub, a minimalist look can definitely make your space feel cozy and welcoming. Because it’s small, lighting won’t matter so much, and a wall lamp will be enough to create a well-lit room. With a nice mirror, some light paint, and simplistic yet tasteful fixtures, you can really turn around your unused basement space.

Looking for a More Ambitious Basement Bathroom Remodel? Luxury Never Hurt Anyone

Want to turn your basement bathroom remodel ideas into a luxurious haven? Here’s where you can definitely dream big. Have plenty of room and good plumbing? Why not install a hot tub? Create a nice, relaxing space where you and your spouse can kick back after a long day.

Love Nature? Turn Your Basement Bathroom into a Botanical Garden

If you have the space, the lighting, and the taste for it, then you can definitely fill your basement bathroom with all sorts of plants. A bathroom is warm and well-vented enough to sustain a lot of plants. Aloe vera and bamboo are some of the top recommendations if you want to add a bit of life and color to your throne room.

Need Something Else to Relax? Consider Building a Sauna

While the basement is not ideal for building a sauna, you can definitely make it work your way if you invest in some proper ventilation and already have good lighting. Saunas improve the quality of your sleep, are associated with weight loss, relieving muscle and joint pain, and detoxification. In addition to the health benefits, saunas also improve your skin’s elasticity, making you seem younger in the long run.

Here at Utah Basement Company, we have the expertise and portfolio to help you build your dream basement bathroom remodel project. Browse our portfolio for more inspiration, and skim through our blog posts on why we think there are no better people for the job. With a free quote, there’s nothing stopping you from planning your next basement bathroom remodel.

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