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If you live in Farmington to Orem when you are looking for a home improvements contractor probably the first name that pops into your mind is Todd Cella at The Utah Basement Company. This is because for more twenty years they have been the one to go to. With that said, a great number of these former clients don’t know that UtahBKB.Com is also the most saw after company for those searching for a basement contractor in West Point, Utah. Did you ever moved right into a residence that has a huge basement? Then, you have probably begun searching online for what to do about basements, to obtain some ideas for your very own basement. There are a lot of unique things you can do with this un-used space in your home, whether you want to use it to store extra things or make it into maybe an office to work from home.

If you conduct business at home, renovating your basement into a home office is a good. You may have a completely remote place to work where you could concentrate on different tasks and not have to worry about distractions. You can potentially decorate the basement so it will be a lot more like a traditional office to keep you feeling productive.

Aside from making it into a business office, you could utilize the basement as a washing room where you can install your washer, dryer, and a clothesline for items that do not get put into the dryer. A lot of folks rather use their basements for added space for storage. You might put things that are keeping up space in other rooms straight into your basement to keep them neatly stored away. You can do a lot with a basement in your home. Redesign it into your personal office, use it to store things, as well as convert it into your laundry room if suitable.

Are West Point Finished Basements Worth The Cost?

One of the questions home owners ask is, “are finished basements worth it?” This is a concern they consider many times during their tenure. Now, it is really reliant on what you wish to have from the property.

Sometimes, finishing the basement is actually a no-brainer since you are going to gain extra space and it will look beautiful as well. Though, when you do not possess the finances to remodel, it will not be easy to complete the project and lack of funds might make it a harder to obtain on your end. It boils down to identifying what you want from the property and how you are going to upgrade it over time.

One of the many causes to decide to finance a basement might be the power to boost your property’s value. It will make your property look more feasible if you put it up for sale. A lot of other solutions won’t accomplish that for you and that is why some individuals don’t always go down this avenue. However, a finished basement is always a serious benefit and will be celebrated by friends who visit you due to the long term benefits. Furthermore, anyone that would like additional info about a basement contractor in West Point, UT, should consider checking out at our most recent home theater installation blog

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Basement Bathroom Remodeling: What Are Your Options?

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Do you find yourself not using your basement? Are you thinking about taking on a basement bathroom remodeling project and are wondering what the whole process is like? Here at Utah Basement Company, remodeling and finishing is the name of the game. Let’s talk about whether or not your basement is fit to be converted into an additional bathroom, what are your remodeling options and some entertaining alternatives if your heart’s not set on this particular type of project.

Can You Remodel Your Basement Into an Additional Bathroom?

When nature calls, it’s nice to have an additional bathroom, especially if you have a family and children. You’re thinking about remodeling, and that’s great, but remodeling your basement into a bathroom is a bit trickier than converting it into a gaming room or just some added living space.

Plumbing is the first problem you might run into. If you already have good piping and draining system in your basement, then you’re almost cleared to build a bathroom. If not, things can get a bit tricky. Gravity is the biggest factor when it comes to draining and eliminating toilet waste. If your draining system doesn’t generate enough fall, you or your contractors might have to do some digging and rework the system. This type of project can get very ambitious, so we recommend that you leave it to the professionals.

We at are experienced in basement bathroom remodeling and basement finishing, so we can evaluate your home and let you know what the best, most cost-effective way of reaching your goal is.

Let’s Talk Toilets

Everybody likes a good flush, but a good flush might not be there if you don’t pick the right toilet. Even when you get enough fall to make your bathroom project viable, your toilet will still need a helping hand to avoid clogs. There are special toilets for this sort of situation. The two main types are pressure-assisted, which uses air to create additional pressure and make sure that the toilet is functioning properly, and up flushing toilets, which use a pump to flush the waste upwards.

Needless to say, the main idea behind these improvements is that, by investing in supportive elements, you’re going to keep the same level of comfort and convenience found in traditional bathrooms.

Not 100% Sold on the Basement Bathroom Remodeling Idea?

With almost 20 years of experience in the home remodeling industry, we’ve found out that there aren’t a lot of constraints in terms of what can be done. You can convert your basement in a study, a game room, a cozy living space, you name it. Based on the layout and climate factors, we can help you turn your basement into a hobby-designated hangout space or a playroom for the kids.

For more information on our basement bathroom remodeling projects and other alternatives, check We have a portfolio, we can offer you a free estimate for your project, and we provide a lot of interesting reading materials for you to develop creative and fun ideas.

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