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Whether you live in South Weber to Midvale if you are searching for a bathroom remodeling company probably the first name that pops into your head is Todd Cella at Utah Basements, Kitchens and Bath. This is because for over 20 years they have been the one to go to. However, many of these former clients did not know that Todd Cella at The Utah Basement Company is also your ideal choice for anybody looking for a basement remodeling company in Cedar Hills, Utah. Did you ever moved right into a residence which has a huge basement? If so, you may have probably begun looking on the web for how to deal with basements, to have some ideas for your own basement. There are tons of special things to be done with the un-used space inside your home, whether you choose to use it to store your belongings or convert it into perhaps a home office.

If you work from your home, changing your basement into an office at home is advisable. You would get a completely isolated location to work where you can concentrate on various tasks without having to worry about interruptions. You might even re-design the basement so it will be more like a conventional office to keep you feeling creative.

Besides making it into an office, you can utilize the basement like a laundry room where you can set-up your washing machine, clothes dryer, and a clothesline for items which do not get thrown in the dryer. Some people like to make use of their basements for more storage space. You can put things which are holding up space in other rooms straight into the basement in order to ensure they keep neatly stored away. You could do a lot with a basement in the house. Remodel it into a workspace, use it as storage, or perhaps convert it into a laundry room for your convenience.

Are Cedar Hills Finished Basements Worth It?

One of the questions homeowners ask is, “are finished basements worth it?” This is a concern they look into at various points of their ownership. Now, it is really reliant on what you need from the property.

In some cases, completing the basement can be a breeze as you will definitely get more space and it will look beautiful at the same time. However, in the event your do not have the funds to pay to for it, it won’t be easy to get the job done and that might make it a harder to obtain on your end. It boils down to identifying what you want out of the property and exactly how you will upgrade it over the long-term.

One of the primary causes to go ahead and invest in a basement might be the ability to boost your property’s value. It is going to make your home look geat in the event that you list it for sale. So many other solutions won’t accomplish this for you and that is why some individuals don’t like going down this avenue. Yet, a finished basement is always a huge win and is going to be highly praised by friends who visit you when considering the long term benefits. Furthermore, anybody who would like more details about a basement company in Cedar Hills, Utah, should consider taking a look at our latest home additions blog

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Tackle Excess Moisture Before Basement Remodeling

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Home renovation is conducted for many purposes, particularly the creation of additional living space and making a space more practical for the people living in it. The basement of a home is a treasure trove of opportunity, a fact that millions of homeowners have seen for themselves. Basement remodeling, particularly toward a fully finished basement, adds value and practicality to your home without having to build any costly additions.

Unfortunately, excess moisture is a common problem that homeowners often face when they want to renovate their basements. And by the time they discover sabotaging water seepage in their basements, they’ve already dedicated time, money and planning toward this project. Leaks, big or small, can put an abrupt halt on your renovation plans.

The best thing that you can do before you start a basement remodeling project of any kind is to consult with a basement waterproofing company. These experts can identify any current issues that you might not have seen, and they can also show you anything going on in your basement that could be a problem later. They also have access to the proper tools to get this done in a timely and effective fashion.

How Can Water Halt My Basement Remodeling Plans?

Even a tiny trickle that only leaks when it’s raining outside can, over time or even after one incident, cause heaps of unseen damage. If you’re finishing your basement, you’ll need electricity running in various points throughout the area. And you’re not safe using or installing any electrical wiring in the presence of a leak.

Mold is also something that one must be wary of when they detect unwanted water in their basement. The combination of water, warm air and darkness helps mold to thrive right under your nose. It can make you sick and can spread if the source of the water is not identified and dealt with.

Additionally, it’s just not practical to get your basement renovation finished before a leak is dealt with. It could damage your new walls, leak onto your new carpeting, fry electronics that it’s dripped onto, and trash your other possessions. That kind of damage amounts to a lot of wasted time and money when your finished basement meets its first rain storm.

Why Would My Basement Be Leaking Water?

The causes of basement water seepage or leakage are many, but if you know the most common spots for leaks in a basement you can identify where the issue is coming from. Look for moisture in the following common leakage locations:

  • Wall cracks
  • The top of the wall, particularly where two walls meet
  • Window wells
  • Floor drains
  • Sump pumps
  • Cracks in the floor

Wall cracks are easily the most common kind of damage to cause basement leaks, and many times they can be simple and quick to fix. That is, if you identify the moisture early on and act quickly. The longer a basement is simply left to leak, the bigger-and more expensive-problems you’ll have to deal with down the road. This is why water in your basement should be identified at the source and remedied before any basement remodeling project.

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