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If you’re a reliable Bathroom Remodeling in Vineyard, Utah, who are you going to call? Utah Bathrooms Kitchens and Basements of course! For more than two decades Todd and his crew have held a reputation as one of the best remodeling contractors in the Vineyard area. As a matter of fact UtahBKB.Com is the preferred choice for anyone in search of Kitchen Remodeling South Salt Lake Utah. although that is old news, a lot of people don’t know that that Utah Bathrooms Kitchens and Basements is your best bet if you’re searching for Basement Bathroom Remodel in Vineyard.

With that said if you are thinking of making changes to the basement bathroom? Homeowners always want to make the next step with their bathroom and it usually begins in the basement. Its bathroom is a freat starting place and may offer more than expected in terms of worth with regards to designing something useful. Here are the rewards.

1) More Space: The bonus space which is produced by redesigning a new bathroom is essential. It really is a terrific way to make a new area of the house that is gonna look sleek a precisely the way you would like it to be. It is a game-changer for a lot of property owners.

2) Contemporary Themes: You may mess around with other themes making one that is going to look good and personalized. These are the details that matter most!

3) Helps to have a Well-Rounded Portion of the House: The key floor(s) will be facilitated already. This is the reason it is time to have a well-rounded location where each level is just like the next with regards to amenities. This begins with an excellent bathroom redesign.

These are the key pluses of remodeled basement bathrooms and why it is imperative to take the steps without delay!

Top Vineyard Remodeling Basement Bathroom Dos & Don’ts

The basement bathroom is among the most underappreciated options thought about homeowners for remodeling projects. Here are some of the dos & don’ts to keep in mind.

1) Do Set a Budget:  Always take the time to set a budget that’s very easy to apply and will almost certainly add value to your project. This is certainly the best way to do things properly!

2) Do Develop a Theme Beforehand:  You should think of using a style in accordance with the colors, materials, and shapes you want to use being a house owner. Those details do matter a good deal and really should be at the top of the mind.

3) Don’t Disregard Storage Options: You will want to look at the storage capability the instant you start planning. It’s important to create a space to keep essentials and not have to toss them around making a real mess!

4) Don’t Disregard the Shower: A number of people skimp with this section of the basement bathroom, which is actually a real issue. It takes away from the quality of the bathroom overall.

These are the key basement bathroom remodel dos & don’ts to keep in mind. A lot of people fret with regards to their approach but it is advisable to keep things simple! With that said after reading this you know that The Basement Company is not only your ideal choice for Home Remodeling Contractors in Orem UT but also for Basement Bathroom Remodel in Vineyard, UT!. If you would like to find additional information on bathroom remodeling, please, check out our basement finishing{ ideas} blog. If ready to make your Vineyard basement what you always wanted, its time to call the top basement remodeling contractor serving the Vineyard, UT area at (801) 510-0303

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What is Manufactured Stone?

Adding to existing home

For hundreds of years, people have used natural stone for constructing buildings. Natural stone was preferred for its strength and durability. Especially in the early 20th century, natural stone was often used in foundations, chimneys, and fireplaces. Eventually natural stone become too expensive for common use and it began to be replaced by concrete. In the 1950’s, business men realized there was a need for a type of stone to replace the natural stone. This led to the creation of the manufactured stone industry.

There are many different terms people use for manufactured stone. They include manufactured veneer, veneer stone, faux stone, cultured stone, and lick and stick stone, among many others. Though the names are varied, they are made very similarly. They are made of concrete mixed with other materials to look like natural stone. The concrete mix is textured and colored to mimic the look of natural stone. The difference between the concrete that makes up manufactured stone and the concrete used in driveways or sidewalks is that lightweight materials replace the rocks that are normally used in other concrete. This means the manufactured stones are much lighter than natural stone. This is great because it creates a simpler process for installing the stone. For instance, extra foundations are not necessary.

Another great consequence of having lighter stone is having more flexibility. With manufactured stone, you can build what used to be heavy accents upstairs because the stone accents are no longer heavy and do not need to be supported by the entire foundation. Instead, it is supported by the structure of the building. This also makes remodeling easier because you do not need to create a new foundation. You simply use the structure of the home to hold the weight of the new additions.

The process of applying manufactured stone is very similar to the application of stucco. This process is used in interior applications as well as exterior applications. Although the processes are similar, applying manufactured stone on the exterior of a building does require an additional step. When manufactured stone is applied outside, a weather resistant barrier must be applied. The type of barrier depends on the local code. First wire mesh is applied. Then a scratch coat of mortar is added. Next you apply mortar to one side of the stones. This side is placed on the wall. Sometimes grout is used for aesthetic reasons, but not always. If grouting is used, it is applied using a grout bag. The grout bag is used to place the grout between the stone. While this is a shortened version of the processes, it is a good overview of the application.

If you are interested in manufactured stone, consider including it in your next home remodeling project. For more information on how manufactured stone could be used to spruce up your bathroom, home interior, or home exterior contact our remodeling contractors here at Utah Basement Company. Our remodeling contractors will guide you through your remodeling project with their experience.

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